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Thank you to all the editors who have published my work:

Poetry Ireland Review, forthcoming, 2019, "Tracks Disappearing Over a Field."

Envoi, forthcoming, issue 183, 2019, "Solstice," and "Breath Bone."

The Curlew, forthcoming, Winter 2019, "Certainty."

Valley Voices: A Literary Review, forthcoming, Fall 2019, "In Concert (part 1)."

Natural Bridge, forthcoming, Issue No. 41, fall 2019, "A Rural Mom Warms her Daughter About Dangers in the City."

The Meadow, forthcoming, Summer 2019, "Tangerine."

Equinox, Poetry and Prose, forthcoming, Issue Two, July 2019, "One Shade Away From Never Having Been."

Up The Staircase Quarterly, August 2019, Harrow Issue, "How the Swan Swims the River Aux Sables."

Storm Cellar - A Literary Journal of Safety and Danger, forthcoming, Summer 2019, "Tungsten."

West Texas Literary Review, forthcoming, Summer, 2019, "The Augury of Yellow."

Kestrel, A Journal…

Latest posts

I am walking in the wilderness. But now I stop and turn and try to spread my vision as wide as it will go. Try to catch the bit of blue sky behind me, revealed in intermittent bursts, through open trees. The moss along the trees stands proudly under recent dampness. I will myself to become a life-size silver plate, developing the experience of this never-standing-still scene.