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Thrilled to have two poems, "Temperance Valley" and "This Moment is Not For Sale," included in the current december magazine . Deepest thanks to Jennifer Goldrin g!   Gratitude to the team at The North for publishing my poem "Fruit" in issue 68 . My tenderness goes out to Ann and Peter Sansom.   Kevin Stein has put together a wonderful issue of The Hamilton Stone Review . So pleased to have my poem "Midnight Solved as Snow" included.    Looking forward to receiving my issue of Valley Voices. Thanks to the editors for including my poem "Yarn." I love it when a poem of mine happens to publish in an issue my husband, James Owens, has also published in. Thank you Michael Blanchard for accepting my poem "Pleasure and Peril, A Journey" for the latest Slant !   Thank you to the kind folks at MAYDAY for publishing my poem "[via negativa]" from my latest collection, Blue . The synthesis of photography (the blue photo

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Praise for At Home with Disquiet: Brian Brett, "Erin Wilson’s collection has the range that a dynamic assortment of poems demands in this era. At Home With Disquiet flows like a northern river through the woods and the canyons and homes along the riverbank, its poems like stories, its poems like chants. This is one of the most powerful gathering of poems I’ve read in years..." Roger Mitchell, "Compelling, urgent, lean, Erin Wilson's poems read as though Emily Dickinson's secret love child ran off to Canada and mated with a wolf." Francesca Bell, "Bursting with abundance and beauty... This is a book of dualities, of not odes but laments..." Abbie Copeland, "A rich poetic narrative, the sensual and delicate moments of life, as well as the small but profound details of hunger, desire, and connection..." Nina Murray, "I would call At Home with Disquiet a triumph—however, this poetry grants no illusion(s)..." Contact erinwrites44[at]gmail[dot]com