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 Poethead, March 23, 2019, "Seed," "A Letter to My Ex Concerning Houseleeks," "The Mother," and "Considering Their Pale Faces."

The Curlew, forthcoming, Winter 2019, "Certainty."

The Rat's Ass Review, forthcoming, Summer 2019, "My Beloved Feeds Me Dirt," "Jackdaw, Chyak-Chyak," "Articulating," and "Three Teens Sleep in a Tent."

The Meadow, forthcoming, Summer 2019,"Tangerine."

Soundings East Magazine, forthcoming, Spring 2019, Volume 41, "Rust."

Kestrel, A Journal of Literature and Art,  forthcoming, Spring 2019, "Going Home" and "Atlas of Anatomy for an Artist."

Juked, forthcoming, "Pink."

The Sunlight Press, forthcoming,  "A Painting which Smells of Oil and Sweetness," and "A Small Room with a Generous View."

Dying Dahlia Review, March 5th,2019  Interview.

SWWIM, January 31, 2019, "Bird."

Dying Dahlia Review, January …

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I am walking in the wilderness. But now I stop and turn and try to spread my vision as wide as it will go. Try to catch the bit of blue sky behind me, revealed in intermittent bursts, through open trees. The moss along the trees stands proudly under recent dampness. I will myself to become a life-size silver plate, developing the experience of this never-standing-still scene.